Artman/Artman English – Logo Design Process



London based Artman English is a creative language school teaching English through theatre. To read more about Artman English please visit their website:

The Brief

Idea behind the business name: Artman came from a Hindu word “atman” our innermost self / spirit / universal soul force”. The link between the individual and universal. The force from which all things grow.

Target audience: people who want to learn English, independent adults, visiting school groups from abroad, individual and business.

Overall message: neoteric, creative, sunny, professional, social.

The client wanted to be perceived by customers as: welcoming, fun, celebratory, professional, connected and creative.

Specific images/influence/inspiration: subliminal echoes of revolution (stars), reggae, unity, celebration, mandalas, japanese symbols and hindu symbols. Client envisaged a capital A within a star.

Color preferences: red, yellow, green, mellow, warm, relaxed and cool.

The logo would be used on digital platforms (web & social media, as well as in print (flyers, posters etc.).

Research, Sketching & Conceptualising

I did some initial reasearch about the industry and competitiors. There were a lot of language schools/courses – usually represented by very generic and ‘soulless’ designs. However what Artman English offers is something unique, being both a language and a theater course, as it has much more to offer, combining learning, experience and creativity. Logo needed to represent business uniqueness and therefore ‘stand out’.

After receiving a  brief from the client and discussing it, I had a pretty good feeling for the business, as well as good fundamentals to base my design on. As per brief a letter ‘A within a star’ was definitely a starting and leading point.


Sketches in Illustrator

After developing ideas on paper I moved to Illustrator. Some of the designs were strongly based on the symmetry and balance between an ‘A’ and a star, and as such it was easy and quick to expand some of the concepts.


Leading Concepts

I concentrated on the designs, which the client liked best and just populated different variations. I also experimented with the concept of a ying/yang mandala style of the logo (the designs at the bottom of the page). At this stage I tried to get an overall look for the logo and once the client had chosen ‘the one’, I would check the exact proportions, thickness of lines, etc.


The client favoured the middle row and just wanted make some adjustments. At this stage we agreed to meet up (as it was faster and easier to make ‘subtle’ tweaks).

Final Logomark and Typeface

I did further ‘live’ mockups with one/both legs shortened. The client commited to the A with the shortened right leg and the widened circle. At this stage we started to look together for a logotype and end up with choosing Splekta Regular font.


Logo Variations

After choosing the font, I worked a bit more on adjusting its size/position and amount of the space in reagrds to the logomark, as well as kerning – the spacing between letters. The client wanted two variations of logo, one just with a word ‘Artman’ and other with ‘Artman English’. There were two definite winners.


Logo in Color Concepts

The last stage of design was to put the logo in color. As the color may determinate client’s choice of the design, usually it comes at the final process of the logo development. The brief gave me very good directions in terms of color, after trying different variations we had three leading options. We did a small adjustment to the opacity of the outer circle, in one of the concepts and the final logomark was ready!


The Final Logo

After adding colors to the logotype, both versions of the logo were finalised.

logo_artman_color logo_artmaneng_color

Delivery & Guidelines

I sent client client both versions of the logo in .eps, .jpg, .png, and .tif format in black&white, reversed and color variations of each. Along with those I also created a favicon and social profile image.

guidelines_artman_page_1 guidelines_artman_page_2