Artman/Artman English – Logo Design Process



London based Artman English is a creative language school teaching English through theatre. To read more about Artman English please visit their website:

The Brief

Idea behind the business name: Artman came from a Hindu word “atman” our innermost self / spirit / universal soul force”. The link between the individual and universal. The force from which all things grow.

Target audience: people who want to learn English, independent adults, visiting school groups from abroad, individual and business.

Twelve Tribes of Israel – Design & Development


Twelve Tribes of Israel was my Major Project, which I developed in the end of Print Production course at London College of Communication. I produced a book, about Twelve Tribes of Israel with graphic representations (illustrations) of 12 symbols of tribes, with an insert – collection of postcards. The symbol of each tribe is my own interpretation, based on the traditional symbols of 12 tribes with regards to characteristic signs and colors. My aim was to experiment with geometric shapes & lines, along with patterns of various textures.