Baby Academy – Logo Design Process

Basic CMYK

Baby Academy – offers childcare consultancy services to new parents and parents to be, the company is based in Sydney, Australia.


The Brief

After sending and receiving back from the client a Logo Design Brief, I had a better understanding about the business and the overall message the client wish to portray.

Idea behind the business name was teaching the new parents the basics of parenthood and that everyday they learn something new as their baby grows. The target audience was pregnant women and postnatal mothers. The logo should illustrate a calm and peaceful reflection. A tagline – The Baby Sleep Consultant needed to be included in the logo, as the message the client wanted to get across was that “parents don’t have to struggle with sleepless nights, they don’t have to wait for their baby to ‘outgrow’ any wrong sleep associations … I would like to teach them how to avoid the most common mistakes and therefore enjoy a very happy baby!”

Baby Academy was a new to be business, so the logo would be used on the website and social media, as well as business stationary and promotional materials.


Research, Sketching & Conceptualising

After research the business area,checking competitors their websites and logos, I started initial sketches and wihout much thinking I put my ideas on the paper. The obvoius thing (and I found number of logos of this type) would be to design a logo of a happy baby in a graduation hat and/or roll. However I wanted to avoid this (although there are some of my sketches incluidng a graduation hat, as this element was coming back to my head having a natural connection with the company name) and directed the design towards a sleep consultany area of the business – hence a sleeping baby.



Sketches in Illustrator

I moved my ideas from paper to Illustarator. Moon, sun and starts keep repeating in most of the concepts, as I wanted to illustrate that thanks to Baby Academy services parents will enjoy a calm and peaceful baby also during the day, as well as night. In some of star designs I mirrored the Southern Cross constellation, which is one of the elements in The Australian National Flag, which would reflect a location of the business.




It was time to look for a typeface. I narrowed my choice to three typefaces with a round features, which would work nicely with roundness of the moon and sun.



The Final Three Concepts (with different Typefaces)

I send a final three concepts of logomark with previously chosen typefaces in various typographic combinations in greyscale (as I didn’t want the color to determine client’s choices) to the client.



Completed Logo in Black & White

The client chose one of the logomarks, however favoured two of the options regarding typefaces. I prepared a logo, with two chosen fonts, in a grayscale, solid black and reversed version and wothout a tag line, so we could check typeface legibility and overall look of the logo on the white and dark background, bearing in ming that the logo would be used across diffrent printed materials. The client went ahead for the first option.




At the briefing stage the client wasn’t sure about the colors and suggested some contrast, pink and black or cream colors. I put few color options together and upon presenting there was a one clear winner.

Short feedback from the client: “It looks great”.



Delivery and Guidelines

The client received logo in eps, jpg, png and tiff format (3 files for each of the formats – color, black and reversed version), along with a short description of nature of each format and its best use regarding the final output. I included also a favicon for the website and logo design for a social media. With all logo files I attached a guidelines sheet for better understanding of the logo/its use and in depth information of logo elements and color, something what would be useful not onlt for the client , but also for other designer who will work in the future with client’s brand.



The Final Logo

Basic CMYK


Other work for Baby Academy

After logo I designed for Baby Academy a business card and designed and developed their first website.