E-Rework – Logo Design Process

e-rework logo

E-Rework was a new to be business offering various services in three main areas: IT, SECURITY SYSTEMS & ELECTRONICS. The client was very specific about the design/elements of the logo and colors, so after receiving back a Logo Design Brief and the first meeting with the client I’ve already had some concepts in my head.


The Brief

The client wanted to be perceived by customers, as a business offering ‘reliable and professional services’ and logo needed to reflect this concept. The name of the company E-Rework came from Electronic Rework (name of the process of electronic repairs). The client required an illustrator made ‘icons’ corresponding to each area of the business and specifically for ELECTRONICS – hot air gun, soldering icon & microscope arranged in a cross, similarly like an emergency services logo. The prefered colors were R (red), G (green) B (blue).


Research, Sketching & Conceptualising

After researching competitors, client’s business and the industry, I’ve done some visual research for each element of the design. In a way logo was already complex, as it needed to communicate clearly three different areas of the business and at the same time work us one design. Also I wanted each of the icons to work separetly on its own if needed. I experimented with obvious concepts for IT – computer & keyboard, SECURITY – lock, key & CCTV camera. For ELECTRONICS the client was very detailed about the design required, on my side I needed to do more in depth reasearh escpecially about shape & components of hot air gun & soldering iron, how they would intersect with each other, as well as with the design of a microscope. The microscope was already a fairly ‘busy’ object, so since the initial sketches I’ve tried to simplify its design.



Sketches in Illustrator

I moved to Illustrator and once I had all concepts on one page it was much easier to identify the designs , which could work together. I showed it to the client and we discussed his favourite concepts. I decided that it would be better to consult the designs at this stage, as if there would be one element, which clinet doesn’t like then it might influence the others and overall the whole logo.


The client came with the idea to add a laurel wreath to each logomark, as a symbol of competition & victory. I embraced the idea, as it would connect each of the designs & its cicrcular shape would ‘frame’ the elements. Below are some experiments. It was sensible to try how it would work with electronics symbol, as it had the most ‘akward’ form, also I wanted make sure that the angle of the bend of miscroscope and wreath would match. Consequently I’ve used the bend from the miscroscope as a starting point for the design of the wreath.



Completed Logomarks

I’ve send to the client completed logomarks with wreath, in grayscale, solid black and reversed versions – they were approved.




Having all three icons ready, I started to look for a font which would be in a way unique, look professional and what’s the most important ‘blend’ with other elements of the logo. I chose XSCALE REGULAR, as some of the letters have a rectangular-like shape with round edges, which work nicely with bend edges of the computer or lock.



Logo Variations

I showed four variations with type (still in black & white) to the client.



The Final Logo

Finally I added the colors, how client wished – RGB and the logo was ready and approved!

e-rework logo